You begin to understand who we are at a first glance. Our identity and our vision are embedded into our company’s name.

Congruence refers to the state of coming together, of achievement. We care for our client’s business as our own. We share their aspirations, come to understand their reality and align our advice with their objectives. We’re in this together.

We set as a goal transforming our client’s companies into better, sharper, smarter, more capable versions of themselves. On every case, we look at the business from a CEO’s perspective. We ask the right questions, analyze the answers and dig deep into the details to unearth the right solution. We never settle for an off-the-shelf solution to the company’s issues, instead, our recommendations are highly customized according to the company’s identity. We help our clients decide where they want to go and show them how to get there. We make sure that the client’s team can sustain the momentum in the future.

The rest of the story is about our people, our values and our way of doing things – these are the intangibles that can’t be explained, measured or modeled, but truly make the difference.