Considering the continuously fading borders between telecom, technology and media, this area of expertise covers a wide and expanding market.


1.  Involvement in new market sectors, without losing the existing business core.

2.  The chance of sustainable growth.


1.  From a service provider’s point of view, there are two takes: optimizing the existing business or searching for new business models and thus, new sources of revenue.

2.  Usually, most companies go for a mixture of the two strategies. The approaches differ from case to case, but once a decision is taken and a strategy emerges, the company should go all the way, following that plan. Only after that, the company can claim a certain market share and face opposing companies.

3.  We advise upon and help developing a well-sorted action plan covering these main issues:

  • Identifying and managing controllable costs, without losing quality of service;
  • Maintaining profitability given the fierce competition: telecom market grows constantly and price policies practiced by large companies can prove destabilizing;
  • Keeping market share while focusing on customer satisfaction;
  • Understanding the need of increasing data traffic, while focusing on mobility and high speed;
  • Anticipating regulator’s measures impact – peeking on the abroad imposed trends.


Highly customized result-oriented strategies, focusing on the following points:

  •  Customer retention and customer satisfaction;
  •  Sustainable growth;
  •  Managing costs;
  •  Innovation;
  •  Mergers and acquisitions;
  •  Pricing strategies.