New market identification
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    Every area has its giants. Fighting them is a burden given their financial power and notoriety.

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    Lowness never got anyone anywhere. It’s a matter of shifting perspective and focusing on the competition’s flaws and weaknesses, this being the starting point in developing a market entry strategy.

    The advantage of activating in markets like telecom or technology – considering their vast and continuously growing areas – is that there will always be a new niche that can emerge shifting the paradigm, or a new way of delivering services, thus achieving strong leverage when facing tough competition, regardless of their notoriety.

    Growing business requires change – continuous, sustainable and focused. From the manager to every employee, everyone is on the same team and should follow the action plan. New market identification implies not only the company’s management but the entire organizational structure. There are no wrong ideas, just different approaches, as long as the plan is followed and targets are achieved.

    Placing new products on the market attracts a series of challenges and risks like needing to accept certain sunk costs, entering the market with a competitive disadvantage and being on the brink of failure due to aggressive pricing strategies that industry giants use. Throwing your new product into this “red ocean” could mean an unfortunate end to a project and attract significant loss.

  • Action PlanOpen or Close

    Once being able to identify a mean of standing up to the competition, focus on helping your product achieve a unique identity, on making it stand out, thus putting it in front of the competitors. In other words, a product that clearly stands out from the crowd will eventually sell itself.

    How does a project generate such an outstanding product? What needs to be done? How to win market share?




Leading by example

Congruent Consulting teams up with Polytron Vertrieb Germany, being Polytron’s official partner in Romania, accepting the challenge to launch and provide market share for high quality German products for the CATV / SMATV market.