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    Talking start-ups and SME’s as well as industry giants, the importance of management proves crucial as it leads the company to the high peaks or takes it crashing down.

    A manager’s vision regarding the company must be compliant with the company’s intended identity. This vision must assure sustainable economical value for the company.

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    In order to be able to assess the rhythm in which his company grows, an executive should focus on several key features of the company’s management process:

    • Understanding leadership and a leader’s role within the company – how a manager grows into a leader;
    • Setting up an efficient organizational structure – the importance of each player’s understanding of his part inside the team;
    • Efficient human resource management – focusing on hiring and integration processes;
    • Delegation and prioritization – who does what and what is vital do be done immediately.
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    Congruent Consulting¬† has the required professional background and is able to adapt an action plan regarding a company’s management according to the company’s identity.

    A manager should foresee and accept the changes in his activity required when assuming the role of a leader. The transition covers not only the manager’s role related to the employees, but also generalizing his specific competences and shifting focus from personal interest to collective interest. How does a manager evolve to be a true leader?

    Assessing the importance of the organizational structure – For each individual to be able to take his or her tasks to reach a desired purpose, the employees must be well aware of their specific role within the organization. A well-structured and coherent organizational chart will help not only the manager to control the organization, but the employees as well, helping them get a clear look at the big picture and understand one’s importance when performing tasks. Regardless of the company’s size, a well defined organizational structure is a must – a small soul to fill a large body. How can a small team adapt to a complex strategy?

    Managing human resources is a phase of the management process that is usually overlooked and treated with less attention compared to other processes. Preliminary phases of the hiring process, like selection and testing are important for finding the candidates that fill in their role and can be integrated within the work teams. But the integration process cannot be overlooked, being as important as a good selection. A leader should act as a mentor, both for the newly hired personnel, as well as for the existing teams. Mistakes will happen and should be anticipated, thus minimizing their impact. How does a manager anticipate and correct mistakes?

    Delegating and prioritizing tasks is a delicate issue when managing any sort of company. But failing to do so may lead to tasks being unfulfilled and also destabilizes work loads for some of the team’s members. How important is a task over another? Who should get certain tasks done at some point?




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