Sales strategy
  • The ChallengeOpen or Close

    Whether it’s a matter of selling products or services, a company must “sell” the result of it’s activity in order to thrive. Sales are the engine of business.

  • Our PerspectiveOpen or Close

    Despite general thinking according to which sales are meant to trick or manipulate one into buying a product, the true purpose of sales is establishing a strong business relationship based on mutual respect and advantage.

    A well-thought sales strategy should be planned and executed considering some simple, yet vital aspects:

    • Evaluating the market’s needs;
    • Setting a fair pricing range;
    • Customized, adequate marketing campaigns;
    • Customer satisfaction.

  • Action PlanOpen or Close

    The success of developing a correct sales strategy lays in its adaptability and personalization according to every business. No two clients are the same and this should be set as a starting point when approaching a sales plan. How does a company set a business relationship with another? How does this relationship withstand the test of time and how can it evolve?




Leading by example

Congruent Consulting teams up with Polytron Vertrieb Germany, being Polytron’s official partner in Romania, accepting the challenge to launch and provide market share for high quality German products for the CATV / SMATV market.