Growth strategies
  • The ChallengeOpen or Close

    Generally regarded as a plus, growth is not always what a business needs. “More” is not always better.

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    When a company can sustain growth, meaning sustaining its quality of service while raising its market share, growth comes naturally. Outsourcing is certainly a possibility, teaming up with other companies could help optimizing production processes.

    Another way to grow a company is by merging with or owning other companies. This method requires thorough preparation and high awareness of own possibilities as well as the merging company’s economical value.

  • Action PlanOpen or Close

    For a business to grow relying on its own capabilities, the most important aspects to be assessed are related to planning, prioritization, pace and processes. How can a company plan a growth strategy, what are the most critical activities, what pace is required and what processes should be established?

    Mergers and acquisitions require thorough preparation. Planning is done according to each company’s identity after performing a due diligence study. Congruent Consulting has the capability to create and help follow a coherent plan for a company in search of mergers and acquisitions. We can advise on what should be done depending on the company that is subject to a merger or acquisition. What leverage can a company get, how one can use private equity in this process?